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Pot-au-feu Tradition

Pot-au-feu is probably one of the oldest dishes, as it seems that its history goes as back as French origins. It also seems that this is a form of stew that used to be made in winter over the fire. People used a lot of vegetables and meat and usually mixed whatever ingredients were available […]

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Filet Mignon

Filet mignon is one of the most popular French dishes and involves a steak beef that is cut from a special part of the heifer or steer. Although this is the name for the cut it is a tradition to prepare it in a special way, so that the cooking process enhances the tenderness and […]

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Créme Brulee – an Amazing Desert

When it comes to various types of custard, there’s a lot to be said historically speaking. It seems that custard started in Ancient Roman cuisine, where cooks tried various egg based dishes. They realized that eggs had a binding property and used them accordingly in various omelets, custards and even baking. They often used ingredients […]

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Coq Au Vin

Coq au Vin is one of the most popular gourmet French dishes in the world, a dish known for its rustic twist combined with a refined touch. It contains chicken that is cooked with wine, lardons, garlic and mushroom and it’s one of the recipes that has been adapted from region to region and also […]

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Choux a la Creme – Facts and History

When it comes to desserts, choux a la crème are probably one of the most well-known desserts in the world. This amazing dessert is easy to make and recognizable by everybody. Choux a la crème is one of the main desserts in France and usually in Europe. It is also known as cream puff and […]

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